Not a cougar, but our wild cat

blackieThe forest is a dangerous place for domestic cats, I believe cats should remain indoors, for their safety and for birds sake. This sleek black cat has been visiting Fernwoods regularly since April. He’s gorgeous, but very wary, we can’t get close to him. He’s comfortable enough here that occasionally we’ll see him rolling around basking in the sun, or taking a little dirt bath in a warm and dusty spot. We wonder what his story is, none of our neighbors know. We’re sure he has a diet of mice and sadly, birds among other little critters. We haven’t fed him. But who knows, as the weather turns and we witness him getting skinnier, likely we’ll break down and aim to make friends with “Blackie” or will it be “Smudge”.

2 Responses to “Not a cougar, but our wild cat”

  1. Katie says:

    I like the name Smudge, or Blackberry or Ninja. Nice slide show at the top in your fun with WordPress!

  2. fernwoodsy says:

    Ooh, good name options I like Blackberry and Ninja. My slideshow is too compressed, images look awful. Hopefully I can fix that. Or maybe find different theme.

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