Blackberry, my new cat friend

blackberry_insideA few weeks ago the spouse and I agree’d we’d try to feed the feral cat we’ve been seeing around the property since April.

We hadn’t had much luck, the cat is very skittish and usually runs away if you take a step toward him. We haven’t seen him too much lately, but last Sunday there he was near my studio. He was intently looking into some grass, surely hunting. I went back to the house to get the can of Fancy Feast. I calmly went back and let him watch me open the can. I carefully stepped toward him and set the can down and stepped away. It didn’t take long for him to figure it out and he chowed down the food. Obviously he was ravenous. I carefully approached and gave him a pet. He didn’t flinch or run away, in fact he liked it. After he was sure all the food was gone, he was very affectionate, you know the leg rubbing, give me more pets kind of behavior. He even let me pick him up and was happy about it. I was blown away.

So I went back to the house and got some dry food, he didn’t follow me. But was there when I returned with kibbles, he was very happy to eat some more. I opened the studio door and had no problem getting him to come inside (I left the door open while he was there.) He was so needy, I sat in a chair and he jumped in my lap! Our fancy cats rarely do that. So there you go, obviously this cat misses people and was someone’s cat at some time (he’s been neutered). He’s very passionate, a drooler and would give some love bites, which I was very wary of. I’d say “No” in a stern voice and he’s calm down. I really didn’t want to get a cat bite from a free range cat (or any cat). Blackberry has a gorgeous jet-black coat and green eyes, he is thin but not too skinny.

He got very comfortable with me and fell asleep on my lap, I couldn’t believe it. When I went home and left him outside. I removed the black hair covered clothing and washed up so our fancy indoor cats wouldn’t get suspicious. I better not have brought any fleas home.

I think this is a start of a long relationship.

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  2. Allen says:

    All hail to Blackberry and a little more wildness to share. One cool critter!

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