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Indianola Days 2012 happening July 21 & 22 plus Stunt Night!

I have a feeling there are people out on the Internets wondering when Indianola Days is this year. Now you know, it’s July 21 & 22 (with Stunt Night on Fri. July 20). Saturday is the sand castle contest (no professionals please) and the famous salmon bake dinner. Sunday brings the oh-so-cute pet parade, and […]

Beach at super low tide

May 5th brought us a Super Moon. That’s when the moon is full and comes in close proximity to Earth. It looks bigger and brighter than usual. That evening I went with a friend to the beach to watch it rise. It was a beautiful clear evening and the Moon was spectacular. Along with the […]

Where is Spring?

It’s the almost the end of March and it’s 43 degrees. We’ve had rain 22 days this month. (According to our very nearby Indianola weather station). Oh we’ve had a few “sun breaks”, but I’m ready for the real thing. The bees are anxious to get to work, and all this wind and rain is […]

Bounty of Snowberries

I love these pure white berries hanging from spindly bare branches. This photo was taken Dec. 4. but even now the bushes are still filled with the puffy berries. The birds will get around to eating them soon I’m sure. These are tough shrubs, Symphoricarpos albus, are native to the Pacific Northwest. My row of snowberry […]

Honeybees bringing home the groceries

75 degrees and Sunshine! Sunshine has been rare this summer, but finally we’ve had a good stretch of warmth. Pitifully, this year we consider 72 degrees warm. The bees are not slacking off. We’re hoping for a bountiful honeyola harvest this year.

Oh Boy! Indianola Days is this weekend, July 30-31

It’s high season in Indianola, you wouldn’t know it by the weather. But hey we can’t sit around waiting for good weather, it’s summertime now, gray, rain or shine. Indianola Days is this weekend. There’s lots happening Saturday and Sunday. Sadly no Stunt Night was scheduled, maybe next year. It’s hard to find info online […]

Winter woods staring lush licorice fern (and moss)

I love licorice ferns. They wither in our dry Summers, but a bit of rain comes and they emerge fresh and stay lush all winter. The snow and a serious cold spell we had in November, made no difference to them. Licorice fern, Polypodium glycyrrhiza, grow in shady forests on the trunks of bigleaf maples, […]

HoneyOla! The bees are working it

I look through my studio window and it’s a joy to see so many happy bees buzzing about. Last year they didn’t do so good. But it seems this year they’re thriving. Because of the cold, damp spring they got a late start, but the blackberry blossoms seem to be full of nectar (unlike last […]

Christmas sunshine at the Indianola dock

What wonderful weather we’ve enjoyed this Holiday season. I’ve been venturing out of the woods to see the sun. It’s so low in the sky it slices through the trees, but we don’t get too much of the direct stuff where we live. It’s an invigorating walk down to water, there the sun shines directly […]

Persephone Farm CSA Bouquet

This was our first year as CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) subscribers. Every Wednesday we walk down the street to Persephone Farm and pickup our split-share of veggies, and every other week we get to also pick out a bouquet of colorful, fresh flowers. What a treat to have fresh flowers in the house. At Persephone […]