Posts from ‘September, 2009’

Creative Kids — Sleuths Want a Mystery to Solve

As seen on the Indianola Post Office bulletin board. (Phone numbers blurred for privacy.) These 12 & 11 year old sleuths will “handle your case with care”. Persuasive copywriting, I love it, it’s so Indianola. The bulletin board is the place to get the latest scoop. Need a handyman? Pilates at Wise Acres? Community meetings, […]

Ivy Pull at Indianola Waterfront Preserve

I spent a couple hours this damp morning pulling invasive English ivy. The Great Peninsula Conservancy, owns and manages the Indianola Waterfront Preserve and organizes the Ivy Pulls (Kate makes great cookies for the ivy pullers). It’s satisfying tugging and rolling up long ivy vines and roots, freeing ferns and cedars of the smothering ivy. […]

What a day at Hurricane Ridge

Today was a beautiful day for a top-down drive to the Olympic Peninsula and up to Hurricane Ridge in Olympic National Park. It was so clear we could see Victoria B.C. across the Strait.  The elevation at the Visitor Center is about 5200 ft, but feels much higher as you look out along mountain ridge […]

Not a cougar, but our wild cat

The forest is a dangerous place for domestic cats, I believe cats should remain indoors, for their safety and for birds sake. This sleek black cat has been visiting Fernwoods regularly since April. He’s gorgeous, but very wary, we can’t get close to him. He’s comfortable enough here that occasionally we’ll see him rolling around basking […]

New site for Fernwoodsy

A good way to spend a rainy windy day in Indianola. This is my first use of WordPress. Pretty cool, I like this theme for now, but the images in the top right slide show are too compressed. I hope this can be improved.