Puget Sound Endless Summer


2012 rain stats for Indianola WAIt’s the last day of September and more sunshine is expected today. I’m not complaining, I think we’re making up for a dreary, very wet Spring. Here are the amazing rainfall stats from a very, very nearby weather station in Indianola. It’s a record breaking dry spell for August & September at nearby SeaTac Airport, with no rain in the forecast for the coming week.

But days are getting shorter, and nights longer so it does feel a bit like fall. My plants are thirsty and anxious for some soaking rains, but most folks around here are enjoying the blue skies and sun while it lasts, we know soon it will be gray and wetness all the time.

Central Washington is a different story. They desperately need rain to put out the terrible wildfires. Sadly it’s been a devastating fire season. So bring on the Fall rain, please.

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