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Happy New Year from the Creatures of Fernwoods

The creatures of Fernwoods look forward to 2014! Happy New Year to you and yours.  Clockwise from upper left: Blackberry, bunny, Jack, deer, honeybee, barred owl

Honeybees bringing home the groceries

75 degrees and Sunshine! Sunshine has been rare this summer, but finally we’ve had a good stretch of warmth. Pitifully, this year we consider 72 degrees warm. The bees are not slacking off. We’re hoping for a bountiful honeyola harvest this year.

Hungry Honeybees discover red-flowering currant

The honeybee hives are close by and when it’s warm enough for them to leave the hive I can usually find a few feeding on the pretty pink blossoms of red-flowering currant, Ribes sanguineum. I dug out our old Nikon Coolpix 4500 and captured this macro shot. I love that camera, it’s slow, but is […]

The Amazing Blackberry, stray cat no more

The cat we thought was so wild, so feral, wasn’t after all. Turns out, he’s a lover cat, a drooler who will hop up on your lap at the slightest invitation. These woods are dangerous for cats. Coyotes, raccoons and plenty of free range dogs are threats. We know he had survived on his own […]

Blackberry, my new cat friend

A few weeks ago the spouse and I agree’d we’d try to feed the feral cat we’ve been seeing around the property since April. We hadn’t had much luck, the cat is very skittish and usually runs away if you take a step toward him. We haven’t seen him too much lately, but last Sunday […]

Not a cougar, but our wild cat

The forest is a dangerous place for domestic cats, I believe cats should remain indoors, for their safety and for birds sake. This sleek black cat has been visiting Fernwoods regularly since April. He’s gorgeous, but very wary, we can’t get close to him. He’s comfortable enough here that occasionally we’ll see him rolling around basking […]